‘I still smell him’ shows the houses of people who lost their beloved cats and dogs.

This project was made in commission for:

The Last Pet - a tribute to dead animals, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam
runs until 19.01.2020

People love animals. We are touched when they die. Our sadness is most heartbreaking when a beloved companion animal dies. But do we also mourn the death of roadkill or factory farm animals? The last pet describes the intimate bonds we share with animals and explores the limits of our grief.

Participating artists:  Josine Beugels / Martin uit den Bogaard / Pascalle van Dijk & Aron van Blooijs / Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest / Simone Henken / Emma Kisiel / Miriam Knibbeler / Christel Mitchell / Léon van Opstal / Satijn Panyigay / Tineke Schuurmans / Tinkebell / Basse Stittgen / Stephan Vanfleteren / Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch / herman de vries / Daphne Wageman / Adriana van Zoest