Satijn Panyigay (b. 1988 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands) lives and works in Utrecht. She has participated in exhibitions at, amongst others, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Museum Tot Zover (Amsterdam), Villa Mondriaan (Winterswijk), and art fairs such as Art Rotterdam, Art Amsterdam, Unseen Photo Fair and Amsterdam Art Fair. Her first solo-exhibition was Paradise|wasteland at Van Krimpen Gallery (Amsterdam) in 2012.

 Satijn Panyigay remains unwaveringly concerned with the internal machinations of the mind. Where her earlier works represented raw emotions like grief and sadness, the last couple of years her interest shifted towards more subtle feelings. Feelings of melancholy, but also hope and excitement for the unknown future that is coming shine through and harmonize in often strict but poetic images. Graduating with a series in which she photographed the houses of deceased people, she has developed her interest in absent spaces in series such as No Room For Light (2014), Melankólia (2016-ongoing) and Afterglow (2019).

She finds comfort and recognition in daily objects and cares for the mystic vibe that light and shadows create in architectural environments. The way light enters a room, touches - or nearly touches - an object, and how you can freeze one moment in time, is what draws her to photography. Panyigay’s photographs give you room for contemplation. They often don’t scream for your attention, but the soft colors and contrasts lure you in quietly. They show her longing for tranquility, and while that road is though in this day and age, she enjoys every step of the way towards a peaceful mind.

Due to the extra focus and atmosphere that working on film brings, she now solely works with an old Fujifilm medium format camera and her families old 35mm cameras. She fell in love with the grain and feel of the analog image, but also sees her negatives as raw material, so the process of editing is a digital one. The presentation of work is also very important to her and she likes to make handmade books and boxes. Panyigay works on location and in her photostudio in Utrecht, where she also gives photocourses about finding your authenticity as an artist, and coaches other photographers.